A practical platform to not only share success stories of fellow entrepreneurs or businesses but invaluable wisdom that is critical for anybody wanting to start a business or improving their current understanding.

Nabeel Hassanali (Founder of Genesis Consult)


Under35ceo.co is a great way for young entrepreneurs to get to know other young entrepreneurs. It motivates other young people who are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur someday. Some stories on Under35CEO inspired me greatly. I think you are doing a great job.

Kokie Nkposong (Founder/CEO of Kokie’s World of Gifts)


Love it. I believe we need platforms like yours to show young people in Nigeria that if the likes of Jason and Chika Nwobi can do it, then they can too.

Kelo Okeke (Founder of Giddimint)


I think it’s great. I love reading about entrepreneurs. I hope these interviews inspire more younger folks to break out of their comfort zones and start something beautiful.

Michelle Lara Lin (Founded The Stranger, and more recently, Quotesome)


This is the best platform that all hard-working young CEOs can share their success and failure stories, we also learn from other CEOs here and realize that as we read through other profiles we get to meet age mates who are like mentors to us! It is here we realize a lot is happening in the world.

Kiziah Philbert (Social entrepreneur Sponsor a Child Kenya [SPAC])


This is an amazing platform for young people to learn and share their experiences because only that way will they succeed. A business is a social being and we always don’t know everything and this platform is a knowledge hub. Listening to other entrepreneurs inspires you to press on and that is why Under35CEO is a must read people!

Barclay Paul (Founder/CEO of Impact Africa)

Under35CEO is a great way for young entrepreneurs to network and hear stories from other entrepreneurs. I learned more from listening to other successful business owners tell their story than any class in school. Keep it up!

Omar Soliman (CEO/Co-founder of College Hunks)


I like it a lot. I wasn’t considering doing the interview until I saw that Under35CEO is based in Nigeria and is heavily African centric. I have huge respect for African entrepreneurs, and it’s one of the places where innovation and entrepreneurship are needed the most. Anything that helps Africa innovate, I’m happy to support. Keep up the great work!

Ben Yu (Sprayable Energy)


I think that under35ceo.co is clever and motivating. It inspires young entrepreneurs to follow their passion and continue their dreams.  Hearing other stories from young entrepreneurs is very supportive especially when first starting out.

Josh York (Founder of GYMGUYZ)

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