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You’ll help us to continue providing inspiration and encouragement for young/aspiring entrepreneurs and helping them to make a difference.


Under35CEO has been in existence since January 2012. Our passion to help young/aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success is what has kept us going through thick and thin. Publishing and maintaining this site takes a large personal investment, and Under35CEO relies on the small revenues from advertising and generous readers’ contribution to continue to provide value for our community.

If you choose to make a donation, you’ll help us pay our bills, build a better and easy-to-browse site for the Under35CEO community (You guys deserve better), support our upcoming projects and more.

Our upcoming projects include:

  • ·         Under35CEO TV
  • ·         Under35CEO Foundation
  • ·         Under35CEO Compendium
  • ·         Under35CEO Empower-A-Teen
  • ·         Under35CEO Notebook and more.

If you would like to support our mission here at Under35CEO, there are three monthly options you can choose from.



·         Path-Finder: $5.00 USD

·         Startup: $10.00 USD

·         DayStar: $20.00 USD

·         Social Impact Angel: $30.00 USD  (Monthly)

·         World Changer: $50.00 USD (Monthly)

Or you can donate any amount of your choice.


NOTE: 25% of all donations over $25 (#3950 Nigeria) will go to Under35CEO Foundation. Through it, we’ll support and fund a number of social responsibility initiatives on behalf of





Thanks for helping us MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our world.


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