Czar Securities is one of the hottest company in the field of Cyber Security. They have secured websites of a number of online businesses. A talented team that has helped companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Yahoo, Blackberry and At&T secure their sites, passion to take the industry by storm and constant innovation make this company a startup to lookout for.

Recently Czar has launched Astra, a solution that protects website in real time and is easy to use too. On occasion of launch of Astra, team Under35CEO got an opportunity to talk to Shikhil Sharma(CEO) and Ananda Krishna(CTO) from Czar Securities.



You seem all excited about Astra, tell our readers about it?
We have been working on Astra for months together. Putting in those extra three hours to get the functionality right, compromising sleep to make sure we don’t fall short of set goals and simplyfing things for a user has been our work routine since last few months. A lot of sweat has gone in to make security easy and simple for any website owners. Now, finally revealing it in-front of the world is what makes me excited and a little nervous too.




Czar was doing will in services domain, then why a product?
There’s a very interesting story on how Astra’s idea came.  As a part of our “Customer Pampering Program” I was talking to one of our customers. We had recently performed a penetration test on his website and were fixing the found bugs when he said “I’m very satisfied with your services but I wish I could steal you guys to protect my website 24×7”. This got us thinking that what if we make a product which protects a website 24×7 in real-time and is as good as if a person is monitoring the site, or even better than human monitoring. So, after weeks of brainstorming on architecture, implementation and design we were all set to go into development phase.


There are hundreds of firewalls available to protect a website, how is Astra different?
True. But the question is how many of them are being used by small and medium business owners? I don’t see a firewall on this website itself. The problem with traditional firewalls/IDS’s is that they are either too complex to use for a non-tech user or have a rule base so strict that most of the legitimate traffic is also stopped by them. But Astra is easy to use but provides rock solid security at the same time. It is very customizable and takes a lot of intelligent decisions by itself without any human interaction.



Ananda, Shikhil has laid a lot of stress on easy of use, will you tell us more about it?
That’s right. Astra has been built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Security of your website is only a matter of 5-6 clicks with Astra! We’ve built three simple pages for you: Dashboard, Threats page and the Settings page. The Dashboard gives you an overall picture of your website’s security with graphs, charts and a drill-down of the kind of attacks on your website.

The Threats page tells you a lot more about each attack. Right from the attacked parameter, the IP, the country of origin, device the hacker was using and even the attack vector. With our knowledge-base, you can learn what each attack is and how you can fix it.


Shikhil Sharma
Ananda Krishna


You’ve said Astra drills down security, what’s in it for techie?
Ananda: Over the years what we’ve noticed is that when it comes to security, even developers get a little confused. They try and put some checks and balances but are still not sure if that’s enough or not. So for a techie/developer we an option to check for security issues while development itself. A developer can perform various checks against a specific parameter while development and see if it being sanitized properly or not.

Astra offers plenty of essential features like real-time request scanning, IP blocking, HoneyPot etc. Put it on your website and you’ll be surprised how many malicious hackers are out there. Currently Astra is open for Early Bird access, so if you care about your site’s security,Sign Up Now!

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