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Today’s interview is with 26 year old Serial Entrepreneur from India. He’s the Co-founder of Vyapar Hub, India’s first of its kind, diversified, fully digital company in consulting space.


Tell us, who is Rishi Mathur?

Rishi Mathur is a 26 year old first generation Serial Entrepreneur who is currently operating with a 2/5 year old startup called Vyapaar Hub.  His previous ventures include ApnaLucknow and FootWearsInfoLine. He is a tech freak and can’t imagine his day & even a single moment without his beloved notebook machine.


What inspired you to start Vyapar Hub?

It was during our college/training days that we were exposed to the needs and wants of Indian startups, entrepreneurs, and small & mid-size ventures. We were exposed to their issues and predicaments……. These inspired us to seriously work towards revolutionizing Indian entrepreneurship/business ecosystem, and device affordable, and customized solutions for sustainable business growth. Thus, Vyapaar Hub came into existence as India’s first of its kind, versatile and fully digital (virtual) company in consulting space to empower Indian businesses and entrepreneurs in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Education, and Health, and many more.


What exactly is your core-competence and focus?

Vyapaar Hub (rebranded from ‘Vyapar Hub) is a fully digital hub (virtual/ online) where anyone and everyone can get-in with an idea, and give it a shape of a success story. Vyapaar Hub provides 360 degree services for entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and mid-size ventures in the ‘you name it, we deliver it’ format in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Education, Health and more.

Our core competence at Vyapaar Hub is in 360 degree Strategy and Implementation. Vyapaar Hub is India’s first of its kind, diversified, fully digital (virtual/online) company in consulting space. Vyapaar Hub operates with 4 dedicated & branded verticals (our own brands) in the fields of Strategy & Hardcore Consulting, Marketing, Education and Health & Wellness. Our focused areas are:

SAMADHAN  (Domain/Area: Hardcore management consulting, Start-up mentoring, E-incubation, Funding, Marketing & branding, etc.)

MARGDARSHI (Domain/Area: Comprehensive Marketing Process Outsourcing [MPO]).


ADHYAYAN (Domain/Area: Educational Corporate Solutions.)


MANAN (Domain/Area: Health and Wellness.)



Why are you so passionate about providing consulting and business solutions to startup and SMEs?

India needs more unique and trusted Indian startups and new ventures than just the country offices of Fortune500 companies. There is a lot of hidden potential in India’s young blood and many unsung heroes. The only thing that makes most of them lag behind is the lack of perfect guidance, mentorship and encouragement.

India’s conditions are totally different from those in Silicon valley, Singapore or any other start-up prospering nation. In India, even a layman can become an entrepreneur in his own way. Stories of Indian technique ‘Jugaad’ are widespread famous across the globe that proves Indians have that tactical ability to do anything.

Our objective is to empower these budding entrepreneurs, startups, unsung heroes, potential professionals, SMEs, SMBs, family owned ventures, etc. as they are very likely to have the right product & service to deliver, but they majorly fail when it comes to strategic movement, understanding the right market dynamics, confidence level, proper business channel & networking ability, and other demographic & economic reasons that hampers their sustainable growth.

We desire to empower all budding entrepreneurs, startups, unsung heroes, potential professionals, SMEs, SMBs, family owned ventures……. to become growth driver in our nation’s economy and drive progress everywhere through our specialized and customized tools, services & solutions specially designed for sustainable growth with handsome pace.


How did you fund Vyapar Hub at startup?

Funding Vyapaar Hub at startup was quite hard…. We are 3 co-founders who started the company from our own savings. We are proudly a fully self-funded successful venture till date.


Tell us about your co-founders.

My co-founders at Vyapar Hub are Aanshul Aawasthy and Dr. Mukul S. Rajput. We met during our college days and then bitten up by the bug of entrepreneurship.


Who are your global associates?

Our global associates are biggies from different industry and categories across the board. Some of them include SingTel, Shopify, Indian Business Brokers Association (IBBA), International Accreditation Organization (IAO, US), Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC), Franchise BIZ Experts (US), Zillya! Laboratories, just to name a few.

There are other many major deals underway which will be announced very shortly, and we all are extremely excited to share more about them to all very soon.

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What is the biggest risk that you’ve ever taken and how did it turn out?

The biggest risk known to me was to leave the charms & luxuries of a salaried corporate job and plunging into forming our own venture. And I strongly feel that I made the right decision. Being an entrepreneur is the best gift I could ever give to myself in the form of today’s well recognized venture.


How do you keep your business focus? Do you have any suggestions for entrepreneurs who are experiencing challenging times?

Keeping one’s business focus is not that difficult. If you want to focus better, just recall the fact that if you don’t focus, someone else who is more focus than you will be ahead of you in no time.

For budding entrepreneurs, we always advice to start as early as they can. In starting-up, there is nothing like late or early. No need to worry about the failure or success, just concentrate on learning as quickly as possible through your experiences and struggle. Try to sustain as much as possible and be ready to face the heat and shed a lot of sweat.


Moreso, any work with an honest approach can never be degraded. So, in case of any hard times, especially financial crunches, there no harm or shame in exploring other honest streams of revenue, even working part-time on different project or company (just for time till you are financially stable), but never fully shift your focus from your own venture, which is in fact your own baby.


What do you like best about the internet?

Well, internet for me is a vital part of my soul. I often think what I would be if there wasn’t internet. For someone, internet could be a medium to share pictures, thoughts or simply a quick way of communication. But for me, it’s even more than my bread & butter. It’s what made me who I am today. Internet has given me the opportunity to transform the entire business ecosystem, and I shall certainly do all the needful to justify it.


Where do you see Vyapar Hub in the next 5 years?

I see Vyapaar Hub among the big boys of global consulting industry, expanded manifolds in terms of business, revenue, and most importantly in the number of satisfied and ‘empowered’ customers. At Vyapaar Hub, we want to create unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups, enthusiasts, social ventures, small-mid-large size ventures, employment seekers (job aspirants), etc. in the next 5 years or even before. All we need is everyone’s trust, love, support and encouragement to position India among the most powerful nations globally.


What do you, personally, spends most of your time on?

I spend most of my time working on my laptop, meeting & interacting with new people and learning from them. In case of free time, I listen to music and watch movies as well. I am big movie freak ;).


What’s your thought about Under35CEO?

Under35CEO, with the best-in-class leadership of Yinka Brand is truly a benchmark and great inspiration for all startup and entrepreneurship related initiatives.

The content on Under35CEO has helped in encouraging and supporting young entrepreneurs and startups from around the world and at the same time helping to create an effective entrepreneurship ecosystem. My sincere appreciation and congratulations to Yinka Brand and his entire team for their efforts and initiatives.

Apart from Under35CEO, honestly, I am very much inspired by the great initiatives of Yinka Brand on Facebook, and other social media platforms. He leaves no stone unturned to help entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality, and this is the fact that makes Under35CEO one of the most admired platform by entrepreneurs globally.


Under35CEO seems to have a lot of readers in India. Any word of inspiration for young and aspiring entrepreneurs in India?

Well, entrepreneurship is all about figuring out the problem around you (no matter how big or small), and design something that make lives of everyone simpler in an organized way without any prejudice. It’s obvious you may have to spend many sleepless nights, remain hungry for hours or days, hear lot of criticism, or even face extreme situations on your journey to shape up your own dreams.

Understand your limitations, and shape your dreams accordingly. There’s no harm in accepting your limitations, whether they are financial, demographic, or anything else, and then move ahead accordingly. Don’t hesitate to experiment or make as much mistake as possible. Your mistakes & experiences of today will be the bricks of your future successful companies. The early you start, the better and faster you grow J .

In closing, I sincerely thank Yinka Brand for giving me this opportunity to share my story with the world on his esteemed platform, Under35CEO.



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