Today’s interview is with Satwik Mishra, founder of MechJunction,India’s first ever mechanical engineering platform.


Can we meet you? Tell us about yourself and what you do?

Yes. I am natively from Purnia district of Bihar, India. I am an engineer by education, an entrepreneur by profession and an author by passion. I want to become one of the most successful and famous serial entrepreneurs in the world.


How old you are now?

I am 23 years old.


You are the CEO and Founder of Mech Junction. Tell us a bit about MJ and why you started it?

MechJunction works with an intense vision of helping mechanical engineering students and professionals in best possible ways. We are trying to create a platform where any needy from mechanical engineering domain, can get their requirements fulfilled. We provide job portal, industrial trainings, skill development programs, online magazine etc. We are looking forward to launch book publication in coming days.


Being a mechanical engineer, I faced many such problems during and after my college life. I had to waste considerable amount of time to get my requirements fulfilled. Hence I planned to develop a platform where all the requirements can be furnished at a single platform for mechanical engineers. This led to the foundation of MechJunction.


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I have many dreams of my own. To get them fulfilled I had to choose the path of entrepreneurship.


What would you describe as your biggest risk so far?

Every step of entrepreneurs is a risk in itself. For me the most risky thing was to invest in my startup which I recollected luckily within a month or two.


So where did the money you invested in your startup come from?

During initial days of my college life I had worked with a startup through which I earned enough money to start my venture- MECHJUNCTION.


You are also a writer and an author. Tell us how writing started for you?

I am what I am today because of my father. He is been my inspiration and very supportive from day one. I wrote my first poem when I was 8 years old.


How about some of your published works?

Till date, I have written more than 300 poems out of which many have been published in national and international anthologies and magazines. A collection of 43 poems ‘Heartflash’ got published in Canada early this year, which is my first book.


Apart from poetry I like writing fictions too. One of my short stories got awarded at national level competition and some others were selected to be published in an anthology. Presently I am working on two other books which will be out in the market by end of this year.


You have some innovations to your credit. Tell us about them.

I and my team have developed a setup which can light the area which remains darker even in day time, without consuming any source of energy. It just needs presence of sunlight. Also we have developed energy efficient LEDs  which has 35% more efficiency than that of preexisting LEDs. We are now working to introduce another product which will make use of CFLs very economical.


Any projects or research works you are currently working on or worked on?

Yes. I have done energy audit of my university campus and was involved in various research works related to modification of I C Engines.


How do you handle difficulties in life and business?

I believe every difficulties life brings our way comes along with the solution. I believe with patience and determination, no challenge is too great for me and no difficulty I cannot overcome.


So tell us, what do you think are your greatest achievements so far?

When I got my first book published.

When I earned my first penny through my startup MECHJUNCTION.

When I was featured for the first time in the print media.

When an inspiring book ‘Miracle Minds’ highlighted me and my story in it.


All these are most memorable moment of my life and I consider them my greatest achievement till now.


Who are your heroes? And why?

My father- he is the source of inspiration behind my each and every positive move I have made.


Mark Zuckerberg, for thinking uniquely in perfect direction.


Bill Gates, for being generously social human being, even after collecting huge amount of fishes.


What advice do you have for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don’t think much about the consequences, just start up! Either you win or lose, you are going to achieve something positive in both cases. Don’t wait to get the perfection before you start. If you do so, you are late in this world. Just start up and keep on running until and unless it becomes the perfect one.


Run,Run and Run until and unless the desired height is achieved.


Your thought about Under35CEO?

A unique platform for the entrepreneurs to encourage and get encouraged. It will definitely extend the width and breadth of entrepreneurship.


Finally, what is your definition of success?

Success for me, is living for your own dream and make them true.



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