21 year of old Susant Pattnaik has an enviable list of achievements. This young inventor has featured in the inventor list of MIT, has an NGO for innovators like him and has started a couple of companies to market his inventions. While still in his teens Susant became one of the youngest speakers to have spoken at TED.




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Tell us, who is Susant Pattnaik?

Susant Pattnaik, Innovator Unbelievable, is a young dynamic serial inventor, serial entrepreneur & motivational speaker whose innovations has been recognized by national & international organisations.


You are a Serial Inventor. Could you tell us about some of them?

The first is Susant’s Breathing Sensor Apparatus, my award winning invention. It’s a boon for the disabled. The second is my recent Innovation Raksha Band– an antivirus for rape attacks. You can learn more about my other inventions here.


How old are you now?

I’m 21 years old.


Susant’s Breathing Sensor Apparatus has won you many nationals and international awards and considerations. How has this impacted your progress?

I’ve been able to get strong support from the government of India via NIF to develop this innovation to product form and to start piloting in large numbers. Apollo Hospital & Kar hospital in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India has taken the initiative for piloting and had positive results. Till now 50 units have been successful commercialized and we are expecting to reach more disabled people this year.


You have been awarded the President’s award several times. What really inspires you to what you do everyday?

I love to challenge the status quo and stand out of the crowd. I am a kind of person that likes to follow his passion and tries his best to be perfect in what he does. When I do something extraordinary, it gives me immense pleasure. And whatever I innovate; it’s always about bringing practical solutions to any social & global problems.


How did you become a Motivational Speaker and at what age?

My first speaking engagement was at an international conference, The INK Talks. And I was 17 years old at the time. Till now I have spoken at more than 60 organisations in last 2 years.

Susant Pattnaik


Tell us about Scientific Innovation Foundation (SIF), the NGO you founded in 2011.

It aims to empower and guide new and upcoming innovators to follow the right track to achieve success easily and effectively. We also connect them to the corporate world and other organisations so that their innovations can get commercialized easily. In short SIF is a global platform that creates a network of innovators where they can share their problems and hurdles in their respective areas and we try to our best to solve them by connecting them with the right people & organisations.


What inspired you to start SIF?

I didn’t want others to face the same problems and barriers I encountered when I started out as an innovator and an entrepreneur. I can’t completely remove such problems for other innovators but I can minimize them and at the same time help them achieve success quickly, by guiding them from beginning. And this is only possible by connecting them with the right people, who are experienced, at the right time.


What about Sprintro Tech?

It’s an innovation venture company where few of my simple problem solving innovations are being commercialized, via B2B channel. Such innovations are Spin Water Pump Automation, Spin Car Security System, Spin Home Automation System, and Spin Security Solution.


Tell us, how do you go about commercializing your inventions?

I strongly feel that innovations are of no use if those doesn’t reach the target customer. So I co-Founded a company called Spintro Tech to start commercializing my innovations.

Fab 3

How do you handle difficulties in life and business?

By channeling and distributing the work that needed to be done to the right people in my team. I use the same methodology in both cases- life and business.


What other startups are in involved with?

Apart from Spintro Tech, I am involved with SP Innovative Advertising, SIF, and SP R&D Solutions.


Tell us, what do you think are your greatest achievements at the moment?

I am leading my life peacefully, with quite satisfaction, enjoying my life while doing work that matters. All these are my greatest achievements at the moment.


How did innovating things start for you?

By trying to find practical solution to problems I see around me. Let me narrate one such incidents here:

Once when I had gone to a hospital with my father at the age of 16 and I came across a paralyzed old man who was being assisted by a nurse. He was completely depended on the nurse. The man was just like a vegetable. He was slightly moving his fingers, which indicated that he wanted something, but that nurse without knowing what exactly he needed, just handed him a glass of water. The poor elderly man spilled the water all over him because that was not what he actually needed. This small incident moved me completely. For days, after that scene I was able to feel the man’s pain and despair. I felt his life is worst than death. My conscience provoked me and I decided to do something for such people. Thinking about the common activities between a disable person and a normal human being I found that brain and breathing are common activities, which they both share. Hence I invented the Breathing Sensor Apparatus device, which helped the disabled people.


Do you have any advice for aspiring inventors and the unsupported ones who needs help?

I would say follow your passion start working smartly and have an entrepreneurial approach in any field you work since it’s an era of globalization. Keep yourself up to date and do what you want or else you will keep regretting your entire life.


What would you say is the key to your success?

Hard & Smart work with effective results at the right time, at the right place, with the right people gives you definite and quick success. Strong and effective network is necessary too.


What’s your thought about Under35CEO?

It’s a right platform for like-minded people like us to have a global network with CEOs of other organisations.


Finally, how would you love to be remembered?

Obviously as a Young Serial Inventor/ Innovator or Innovator Unbelievable.



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