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Nirman Dave is a remarkable young lad. At 17, he is blazing a trail for others to follow. I believe his story will inspire and challenge you to make a difference in your world. In this interview, you’ll find out how he’s changing the world.


Glad to have you on Under35CEO today. Could you please tell us about yourself and what you are up to?

It’s a pleasure to be on Under35CEO. I am Nirman Dave and just graduated from The Galaxy School in Rajkot, Gujarat. I have pursued the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Innovation, creativity, programming and movies are the things I live for. I strongly believe in helping the society through the use of technology, a unique but a challenging task. Besides being the founder of SourceNet, SourceNick and SourceNet Ads; I also teach computer programming at The Galaxy School and mentor the ‘Introduction to computer science’ course at a college in my town.

You are a Serial Entrepreneur. Could you tell us about some of the companies you’ve started?

Well there are basically three websites that I work upon. First one is SourceNet, it is a non-profit organization that has developed over 200 different windows applications. All of which total to over 1 million downloads. The second website is called SourceNet Ads. SourceNet advertisements are those which appear on SourceNet applications. Advertising on any one SourceNet application allows you to reach to 1 million people. This website allows me to earn money. I don’t make too much money, but I make some and I am satisfied. As currently my goal is not to make money. The third one is SourceNick, it is a blog that provides programmers with modules for programming which makes coding simple.

How old are you now?

Currently, I am 17 years old. I will turn 18 in some days’ time.


Tell us, how did coding start for you?

It was an unexpected turn in my life. I was fascinated by computers since the time I was a child, but I never thought that I would be coding and creating new things in it. It came to me in a much unexpected manner. I was in 6th grade when I was bullied, and that time Facebook was very famous amongst the people in my class and also those who bullied me. So one day I was very angry with the fact that I was getting bullied and I did nothing about it. Since Facebook was very famous and it had all the private messages of everyone in it, unaware of the ethical implications, I decided to hack the Facebook accounts of my bullies. I started with searching about the same on online search engines and news web portals, but did not find anything concrete. Later, I decided to create my own Facebook hacker and to do so, I decided to learn programming. So I started to learn programming when I was in grade 6th and by the time I was in grade 7th I had completed learning my first programming language – Visual Basic. This was when I realized how beautiful programming is and that if put to good use it can do wonders. By this time the need to hack accounts had vanished and so did the bullies.


You co-invented Antable, a multi-touch table. Could you tell us more about that?

Antable was a project where we converted a piece of paper into a multi-touch surface table. The first touch surface that does not include any touch sensors. The project was initiated when I was in grade 11.

This worked using the shadow recognition technology. Each time you put your finger on a piece of paper, there is a shadow of your finger that forms underneath that paper. So what we did was we put a webcam underneath the paper, which was connected to the computer. We then made a software for the computer, which receives data from the webcam. Detects your finger shadow and moves the cursor with it. Later, we put a projector underneath the paper to project all the activity of the computer. Hence, converting a piece of paper into a multi-touch surface table. However, I did not do it alone. My friend Anuj was a great help to me, without whom this project would not have been possible.



You have a lot of applications to your credit. How many are they exactly and what inspired you to embark on this journey?

I have created over 200 windows applications, and many of them have become very well known amongst the people. Some of these include:

Snick: Snick is a programming language that introduces a completely different concept of programming. It comprises of modules which are imported each time a code is to be written. The module can be executed within the main frame. Snick GUI allows the user to both code and run the program within. The program runs at the ‘snick’ of the written code. Snick is aimed at beginners who have absolutely no expertise in programming and are about to enter the vast field. Hence, develops a base for such novices so that they can learn further coding with ease.

Quazitt: Quazitt is a software which allows you to store, encrypt and decrypt your text files in well-known formats such as mp3, wma, gif, png, avi, etc. Once encrypted these files cannot be hacked because the hacker will not be able to identify the text file.

Demisco Joky: With the help of today’s powerful computers, a whole recording studio with all its tools can be fitted into an application. Demisco Joky gives you the possibility to edit songs using various effects, in the hope giving you a resulting masterpiece.

PyLight: PyLight is a simple, neat and all-rounder Python code editor. While other IDEs focus on features, PyLight is all about you and your Python codes! From great syntax highlighting to creating complex modules, PyLight has all the features that a developer needs but can’t find in other Python IDEs!

CoverBeats: CoverBeats is a simple and easy-to-use windows desktop application that allows you to search and listen to your favourite music covers.


What projects are you working on currently?

Currently I am occupied by two main projects. One is the Artificial Intelligence Software which is available in multiple languages and also picks up colloquial terms. Another is a smart earphone device named “Drive Bud”. It is a project where you can listen to songs using ear buds (the top part of earphones) and does not require you to have any music storing device such as a phone or PC. All you have to do is say the name of a song and it will be played. Not only that but, functions such as GPS, Information search, Phone calling, Texting can also be done.


What drives you?

Every human is changing. Adapting to different situations, and growing every day. What drives me is the versatility of the human nature. We tend to change; we don’t like the monotonous every day. We experience, embrace and work our path out. The creators, the crazy ones, the dreamers and the doers are the ones who change the world. Just like you.

I am driven by the philosophy that “The change, is always on.” And that every software I code is a crazy unique piece of art that adapts to this change. Because, every person is unique and it is of no justice, if every SourceNet product is not unique.


Apart from programming, what other things do you do?

Apart from programming, I do a lot of other things. I love watching movies! Some of my favourites include ‘Now you see me’, ‘Zindagi na milegi dobara’, ‘Batman triology’, etc. I love singing songs, especially the ones by Arijit Singh and Mohit Chauhan. I love playing basketball and chess, and love watching cricket. As far as social activities are concerned I have been an active member of the Inetact Club and have been doing many social activities, such as, providing underprivileged with books or clothes or providing kids with polio drops in my city, etc.



How did inventing things start for you?

I have always been into inventing new things. I like to make things, may it be software or hardware. Inventing things starts from a very early age; every kid has once built a castle out of glasses or a house out of cards! This is invention and creativity. The only need is to sustain this ability to innovate! And I have been sustaining my ability through creation of softwares!


What do you think is your greatest achievement so far?

My greatest achievement so far is the love and encouragement that everyone has given to me until now. It’s a great achievement to know that someone out there is using your creation for good purpose and providing honest appreciations for the same.

There are people who use SourceNet’s software for education, some use if for entertainment, some use it for professional purposes and so on. But what is more important is the satisfaction that people receive through the use of my softwares. And I am glad that I have been able to satisfy millions of SourceNet users.




As an inventor and entrepreneur, how do you handle set-backs?

Before conducting any action, I plan things out very well. I believe that planning is greatly important in anything you do. And therefore, while I plan things out I try to take into consideration every loophole and possible corners of failures.

However, despite of such planning, there have always been set-backs. To tackle this I either review my existing strategy or develop a new strategy. This provides me with and in depth understanding of where I have gone wrong. But I never give up!



Tell us, what are your plans for the future?

For now I am working on ways to grow SourceNet. I am also looking for creative people who would like to be a part of the open-source revolution by SourceNet. The most important thing to me is about the completion of my current projects.


What’s your opinion about

Under35CEO is a great platform for entrepreneurs and you guys are doing a great job in motivating people all around the globe. I wish you best of luck for your future.


What advice do you have for our readers who aspire to become an inventor and entrepreneur?

I do not think I am the right kind of person to give any advice. However, if you are looking for inspiration, then please have a look at Steve Jobs’ life.


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