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Today’s interview is with Mia Su, a young “smiling girl” who together with her team developed a web diagram app called ProcessOn. This young entrepreneur is also one of the brains behind MISSSU, a studio about girls’ fashion accessories and bags.

It’s great to have you on Under35CEO today. Could you please introduce yourself?

Thank you. I’m Mia Su, a Beijing-based Technology Analyst at Action Soft as well as the COO of ProcessOn, where I cover technology support and analysis, operations and marketing.

ProcessOn is a web diagram app. It is a non-profit, with the hope that more and more people will be able to communicate more clearly, boost innovation, improve decisions, and work more effectively by using ProcessOn.


Please tell us about ProcessOn, and its founding story.

Jack Liu raised the idea of ProcessOn in early 2011. As the founder of ProcessOn, Jack is also the CEO of ActionSoft CO.,LTD, and the founder of CN-Java. ProcessOn is a business collaboration platform combined diagram service with social network for enterprises, teams, and business individuals. The developing team of ProcessOn is a group of people, all with creative and big ideas in bringing diagramming revolution to China, even the world by providing an innovative, feature-oriented, high speed collaboration platform for users.


Tell us about your team member.

Jack Liu.

CEO of ProcessOn, with over 15 years’ experience of in IT. He acquired his Master Degree in Software Engineer from Beijing Hangtian University. In 1998, Jack started his career in the software and technology industry. He has also acquired vast knowledge of developing and coding. He is the brain behind the first Chinese Java Community—— In 2001, he set up the Chinese BPM vendor-Action Soft CO.,LTD, now Action Soft is ranked as one of the biggest BPM provider in China.


Morris Wong.

Technical Director of ProcessOn. Also the CTO of ProcessOn, is professionally qualified and highly experienced in the technology field. He has made a huge contribution to ProcessOn as well as in IT industry.


You are also the co-founder of MISSSU. Could you tell us what MISSSU is all about?

MISSSU is the fashion studio set up by my sister and I. The idea emanated from our desire to start a new adventure in fashion jewelry, and to bring beauty to every facet of life! MISSSU selects the most unique jewelry and accessories from China and offer at the best prices. MISSSU endeavours to provide the finest in creative taste and expertise.


How did you raise startup capital?

Actually, the startup capital came from our own pocket. Before the establishment of ProcessOn, we have the experience of software outsourcing service, and app developing.


What inspired you to become a problem solver?

The desire to explore the unknown.


How old were you when you decided to go the entrepreneurial path and how old are you now?

I decided to go the entrepreneurial path when I was 21.


I am 24 now. At times, I still don’t think that I am an entrepreneur in a certain sense. This path is hard and lonely. I am trying to watch out every step and do my best to accomplish the dream.


Who has been your greatest inspiration?

It is no other celebrity but my parents! They are the greatest inspiration of my life and my work. Whenever things aren’t going on well in my family, my parents are always optimistic and never give up on life.


How do you stay motivated and inspired to run your company?

I believe there is no failure in life, if you think there is that’s because you didn’t insist to the last moment.


What is the vision for MISSSU?

I insist MISSSU to be different and high quality.


Best advice you ever got.

Stay focused on your goals, no matter what obstacle may experience in your life or work.


What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Thrive in calamity and perish in soft living.


What do you think about is a good platform to learn from young entrepreneurs. Their stories give inspiration to a whole lot of people from around the world. I also recommend to my friends.


Final word…….

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with a great platform like Under35CEO.


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