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“Our goal is to build young entrepreneurs who will start business and sustain them to a level that is significant enough to affect both our national and global economy” said Olusola Amusan, Founder of Olusola Amusan Company, a young growth consultant and serial entrepreneur. One of the speakers and the Co-host of the just concluded SME Boot Camp, 13 Hours to Board Room. The 31st of August and 1st of September marked a new beginning in the world of young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Participants arrived from different parts of the country (Rivers, Owerri, Oyo, Osun and Lagos) to partake in the Boot Camp.


The SME Boot Camp was about Enterprise Development, Start Ups, Capital, Mentoring and Profit Making. On the first day of the Boot Camp, 20 young entrepreneurs were trained on Organizational Structure Building taught by Ishola Ayodeji Daniel who enlightened them that it takes more than an entrepreneur to do business. Adeyemi Ajiboye started his session with an illustration to show that a business that does not thrive on love cannot succeed. He trained them on Business Idea Development and Winning Business Proposal Writing. Lalaa (Ademola Aderibigbe), with his creative approach to Brand Strategy and Learning had a session with them called ‘Fired or Hired.’ This enlightened the young entrepreneurs on how to hire staffs and how to manage people. The host, Olusola Amusan, taught on profile writing. He was also on ground to moderate and help participants and other speakers to feel right at home.


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The first day ended with instructions given to participants to prepare for the next day using all they had been taught. Sunday, 1st of September, 2013, participants were given a platform to pitch their business plans to access the Non-Interest Micro Loan in the Board Room. It was a remarkable experience as 8 of the 20 entrepreneurs who pitched were qualified to get their Non-Interest SEED funds while 10 of them has been asked to re-pitch (so they can be ready to get their funds) and 2 of them were to totally review their ideas. Special thanks to the Brand Starters of the Olusola Amusan Company and its development partners SEED Nigeria and Eco-Hub Innovative.

See pictures from 13Hours to Board Room (StartUp Support Programme):


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