Is It All Business That Need A Business Plan To Start With?


Jason Njoku is  Founder and CEO of  Iroko Partners, the world’s largest distributor of African entertainment. Since launching in December 2010, the company has built  a global audience of over 6 million unique users from 178 different countries.



No. I have never had a business plan for iROKO Partners. In fact, I tend not to plan more than 4-6 weeks in advance. In the time it would take me to compile a business plan, I could have brokered several deals or partnerships. What would i prefer to see after a two-week period – a healthy balance sheet or a PPT deck with some arrows and mission statements. You can probably guess the answer to that one.

Yes, this may seem chaotic for many people, but it works for me. Furthermore, in the Internet / tech world, it’s hard to plan too far into the future as the pace moves so quickly, a company such as mine needs to be nimble, with the ability to change and adapt at a moment’s notice. This approach to business certainly doesn’t work for everyone.


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