How Do I Determine How Much & How Often I should Get Paid vs. Reinvesting? Alima Atta Answers Your Question.

Alima Atta


Alima Atta is the owner/CEO of Sesema PR and the host of #TalkBiz on Smooth 98.1 FM.




I don’t believe there is a hard and fast rule about this and it depends on how much capital you start with and how quickly you start to make money. I didn’t pay myself a salary for the first year of business and from the second year I paid myself enough to pay my expenses. If you can afford to live without a salary then it is better to ensure that staff are paid, and money is reinvested into the business until it is stable or you are making profit.  If you are more creative than business minded then consult someone to give you guidelines so that you don’t end up running your business into the ground early on.


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